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Kemet – ancient name of Egypt
km.t, which means black land, likely referring to the fertile black soils of the Nile flood plains, distinct from the deshret (⟨dšṛt⟩), or “red land” of the desert.

Hany Elgabry is the founder of Kemet Experience – Pyramids Valley and Co- Founder of Pyramids Valley Boutique Hotel.
For many generations his family has lived near the shadows of the Giza pyramids. A great appreciation of ancient Egypt is part of his roots.
As one of the most ancient civilizations in the history of the world, Egypt will always remain a popular cultural travel destination. In 2017, Hany and his family founded the Pyramids Valley Boutique Hotel, located just a footstep away from the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Giza. Inspired by the opportunity to share the beauty and wisdom of ancient Egypt with people around the globe, Hany decided to expand this concept by founding Kemet Experience – Pyramids Valley as a tour operator and travel services founded in The Netherlands and operating in Egypt.
Kemet Experience offers travel services, guided cultural excursions and tours packages throughout Egypt. Accompanied by a great team of Egyptologists and local tour guides.
Kemet Experience aims to enrich cultural travellers with knowledge of ancient Egypt whilst offering an excellent present-day travel experience.

Kemet Experience – Pyramids Valley community:

Kemet Experience Community
Through different online channels like FacebookInstagramweblog  and Facebook Community we have created an online community for sharing the knowledge and wisdom of ancient Egypt and the appreciation for the heritage in present-day Egypt 𓉐 𓂀 𓊹.

Pyramids Valley Community
FacebookInstagramweblog  and Facebook Community

Responsible Tourism
Kemet Experience strives to maximize the positive social and economic impact on the local community.
Kemet Experience – Pyramids Valley promise you a home away from home during your journey of discovery, exploring Egypt’s ancient treasures and unravelling the many mysteries of Egypt’s ancient past.

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